11/12/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Finding Assurance in Salvation-Part 2

How could someone doubt their salvation? The battle is real and not just for new Christians. Just like John the Baptist and the disciple known as “Doubting Thomas,” we all have times when we have doubts. Pastor Jeff talks about how we can know Jesus loves us and that we are saved. Michael McCampbell gives his testimony about he came to know Jesus.
2017-11-12 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-11-12)

11/05/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Finding Assurance in Salvation-Pt1

How do we know if we are saved? Pastor Jeff begins a series looking at some of the ways we get confused. 2017-11-05 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-11-05)

04/23/2017 – Elder Darrel Neunschwander – Am I Saved?

At some point in time, we may ask ourselves, “Am I saved?” Elder Darrel discusses some of those questions as well as some of the answers we may have been given and then addresses the scriptural answers about how we can know that we are saved. Darrel uses (with permission) the tract entitled “Bridge To Life” published by NavPress. The tract can be found at http://www.navigators.org/Tools/Evangelism%20Resources/Tools/The%20Bridge%20to%20Life

02/12/2017 – Elder Darrel Neuenschwander – Shining Lights

Matthew 5:14 says, “You are the light of the world – like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.” The big idea today is to share the gospel with others. Didn’t someone share the Good News with you? Elder Darrel had two handouts today: 2017-02-12_Sermon_Notes and 2017-02-12 Handout_OneVerseEvangelism

11/27/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – The Priceless Prize

Are you really saved or do you just think you are saved? Pastor Jeff brings an abundance of verses and explains what it means and how we can know that Christ is in us.
There are two attachments today: bible-study-questions-for-2016-11-27
and a two-page document with some key verses: the-priceless-prize-verses

01/31/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – What Do You Believe About Church Ministry? Disorder Leads to Discord

Disorder leads to discord. We must follow God’s plan for our lives.


11/08/2015 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – What Do You Believe about Salvation? We are Washed

Are you walking like you’re washed or are you walking like you’re lost? In our old sin nature, we sin- It’s what we do. In our new nature, we walk in godliness and holiness- It’s what we do.
1 Corinthians 6:11. See the handout for more Scriptures: 2015-11-08_BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS

12/01/2013 – John Thomas – Advent: Hope

Advent, the coming of Christ, is a season to remind us of what God the Father has accomplished through Jesus and what he is yet to do. Thanksgiving and anticipation, the seeds of hope, are stirred up in us when we rehearse his provision and his promises. Hope has Come 1 Peter 1_1-25 Sermon Handout

09/29/2013 – John Thomas – But God…

Jesus Christ was dead, but God raised and exalted Him. We also were dead, but God raised and exalted us with Christ. But God Eph 2_1-10 Sermon Handout

11/18/2012 – Pastor John Thomas – A Word of Salvation

This is the second in a series of the Seven Sayings of Christ. The focus scripture is Luke 23:26-43. Salvation is a gift from the Sinless One to the vilest of sinners as they express faith in Him as Savior and Lord.
Seven Sayings_A Word of Salvation Handout