06/12/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Examining Elders-Pt2

Pastor Jeff continues his discussion about the Biblical description of the character of the men that are to be selected as elders, that is, leaders of the church. At the end of the sermon, Pastor Jeff leads an Installation Ceremony to formally accept Ken Detweiler as an Elder of Grass Valley Baptist Church.
2016-06-12 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-06-12

02/28/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Spiritual Gifts Unwrapped

Spiritual gifts, their discovery, and implementation are a necessary part of spiritual growth, maturity, and service.


2016-02-28 Primary Motivational Spiritual Gifts

02/21/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Spiritual Gifts are a Necessary Part

There is a good chance we have all tried to do a job or a project with the wrong tool. Generally, it doesn’t go very well. At the very least it is not very efficient. Operating outside our spiritual giftedness can have similar results. God gave us gifts to empower us to do ministry, not in our own strength, but in His. Operating outside our giftedness can lead to discouragement, burnout, and frustration.


01/31/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – What Do You Believe About Church Ministry? Disorder Leads to Discord

Disorder leads to discord. We must follow God’s plan for our lives.


08/03/2014 – Bill Yielding – Saying Good-bye – Acts 20-21

God is always at work in our lives. He has a plan for each one of us. As we continue on our journey in service to Him, being disciples, making disciples, making disciples, we must not waver or allow ourselves to be distracted. We must keep our eyes on the mission and through guidance of the Holy Spirit continue until the end. 2014-08-03 Acts 20-21_SayingGoodbye

08/11/2013 – John Thomas – Restoration: Dedication and Discipline

When God’s people complete a great work, there is often a period of spiritual passivity and even regression in their lives. Some quickly recover but others never seem to quite find their way back.
2013-08-11_Dedication and Discipline Neh 12-13 Handout

06/23/2013 – Phil Walker – Restoration Prayer and Action

God’s servant prays, plans, and then acts on God’s leading which will be in His timing, not ours! 2013-06-23_SermonHandout_PWalker

06/16/2013 – John Thomas – Restoration: Brokenness and Prayer

Restoration: Brokenness and Prayer

Nehemiah 1:1-11

Why Study Nehemiah?

 So that we might…

  • enlarge our vision of God.
  • experience spiritual restoration.
  • embrace our calling to reach both our neighborhood and the nations.
  • exalt Christ by making disciples

2013-06-16_Brokenness and Prayer Neh 1_1-11 Handout

03/25/2012 – Clay Prothro – God’s Plan for Leadership