06/05/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Examining Elders Part 1

The word “elder” in Scripture often refers to an elderly or older person. It also refers to a title given to some who are called to lead the church. We want to look into God’s Word to discern what God has to say about the responsibilities of an elder.


02/28/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Spiritual Gifts Unwrapped

Spiritual gifts, their discovery, and implementation are a necessary part of spiritual growth, maturity, and service.


2016-02-28 Primary Motivational Spiritual Gifts

07/21/2013 – John Thomas – Restoration: Worship & Scripture

Nehemiah 8:1-11. Revival is a work of God that affects the role of the leader, the role of the people, and their lives and work together. Revival = Change! In Nehemiah, the restoration and revival of worship was vital to the revitalization of the community. We can learn from their experience. We can expect God to do in us what He did in them! 2013-07-21_Worship and Scripture Neh 8_1-12 Handout

06/30/2013- Ben Woolbright – Restoration and Renewal: Teamwork and Opposition

A global impact is made when God’s people seek God, work together, and persevere. 2013-06-30_Sermon handout_Ben 

06/23/2013 – Phil Walker – Restoration Prayer and Action

God’s servant prays, plans, and then acts on God’s leading which will be in His timing, not ours! 2013-06-23_SermonHandout_PWalker

03/25/2012 – Clay Prothro – God’s Plan for Leadership