04/05/2015 – John Thomas – The End of the Beginning

Easter Sunday and the conclusion of the sermon series on the Book of Revelation. The text today is Revelation 22:6-21. “He who testifies to these things says, ‘Surely I am coming soon.’ Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!”

03/29/2015 – John Thomas – The Consummation of the Kingdom of God

God is bringing this present world to its
ultimate conclusion, which will culminate in the
consummation of His Kingdom. He will bring his people
all the way home. All His promises will be fulfilled…He will
restore all things! Revelation 21:1 – 22:5 2015-03-29 The Consummation of the Kingdom Rev 21_22-5 Handout

03/21/2015 – John Thomas – Ultimate Matters of the Millennium – Rev20

Ultimate Matters of the Millennium: Revelation 20. There are some things we know for certain about the millennium. There are some things that seem evident about the millennium. There are some things that are really important for all us as we ponder the millennial reign of Christ. 2015-03-22_Ultimate Matters of the Millennium Rev 20 Handout

03/15/2015 – John Thomas – Hallelujah (Rev 19)

Revelation 19 is all about the singing; the praise and worship of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords forever. Worthy is the Lamb! Hallelujah! Amen!

There is no sermon handout this week. Due to technical problems, approximately the first five minutes of the sermon was not recorded. Our apologies and we are working to resolve such issues.

03/08/2015 – John Thomas – The Disastrous Effects of Idolatry

The Big Idea: God has revealed Himself generally in creation and specifically through the person and work of Jesus. He deserves, desires, and demands worship. True worship of God the Father is focused on Jesus, God the Son, and enabled by God the Holy Spirit. All who do not worship Him in this way choose to worship the creation over the Creator and therefore are idolaters.

The Disastrous Effects of Idolatry Rev 17-18 Handout

03/01/2015 – John Thomas – Worship in the Midst of Wrath

Christians worship and the unrepentant wail. God’s people rejoice in His glory while those who are
not His gnash their teeth in His wrath. How can these two truths be reconciled? How can a loving God command
worship and torment simultaneously? The answer is found within God Himself, in His attributes. He is holy and just. Revelation 15:1-16:21 2015-03-01_Worship in the Midst of Wrath Rev 15-16 Handout

02/22/2015 – John Thomas – Victory in Jesus: The Fuel for Enduring Faith

The Big Idea: Christians are called to endure in their faith in Jesus. All followers of Christ will suffer for His name. In the midst of tribulation and persecution, God’s people are protected, privileged, and promised to experience true worship here and now and in the life to
come. Revelation 12:1-15:4 2015-02-22_Victory in Jesus Rev 12_1-15_4 Handout

02/15/2015 – John Thomas – The Life of the Christian and the Coming of the Kingdom

Left to its own, mankind prefers the
creation to the Creator. Christians worship the Creator and
see the creation as the means He uses to point people to
Himself. At the culmination of all things those without
Christ will helplessly hope in the creation for salvation.
Christians will be saved by their faith in the person and
work of Jesus, the Creator’s plan for saving a people for
Himself. These truths should drive us to our knees in
worship and prayer and raise us to our feet in faithful
witness to the world.

2015-02-15_The Life of the Christian and the Coming of the Kingdom Rev 8-11 Handout

02/08/2015 – John Thomas – Divine Sovereignty: Worship and Judgment

God is over all things, in the midst of all
things, and able to bring all things to pass. His people
tremble at His hand in judgment and worship Him as the
Righteous Judge. In the midst of persecution and
tribulation, the church finds hope and help in knowing that
God is presently ruling and reigning. He is bringing to pass
all that He has determined to take place for His glory and
our good. He is at work!

2015-02-08_Divine Sovereignty_Worship and Judgment 6_1-8_5 Handout

02/01/2015 – John Thomas – Honor and Glory to the Triune God

Worship is the result of seeing the fullness of God. His beauty, love, grace, mercy, righteousness,
transcendence, immanence … all of His attributes … reveal His glory. His revealed glory compels us to receive His Son as Savior and by His Spirit worship Him as King forever.2015-02-01_Honor and Glory to the Triune God Rev 4-5 Handout