04/13/2014 – Pastor John Thomas – The Anointed One

The events surrounding the final days of Jesus earthly
ministry remind us of the goodness, grace, and glory of
God. They equally remind us of the depths of the depravity
of man and the extent of our hopelessness without Christ.

2014-04-13_The Anointed One Mk 14_1-72 Handout

04/06/2014 – John Thomas – The End Is Not Yet

Jesus is coming again! Until He returns, we are to follow His commands to love God and love our neighbor. We fulfill these commands by being diligent disciples who make disciples. Mark 13:1-37.
2014-04-06_The End is not Yet Mk 13_1-37 Handout

03/30/2014 – Jeff Johnson – Jesus > Religion (Part 2)

There is no sermon handout this week.

03/23/2014 – Pastor John Thomas – Jesus > Religion (part 1)

Jesus came to fulfill God’s plan to save His people from their sins. He is not simply a reformer of religion but is instead a transformer of human hearts. Jesus is the object of faith and the pinnacle of all God’s wondrous works for the good of mankind. He can be known, loved, adored, and exalted by those who place their faith in Him.

2014-03-16_On the Way Mk 10_1-52 Handout

03/16/2014 – Pastor John Thomas – Servant & Savior-On the Way

Mark 10:1-52 The teachings of Jesus are lofty, weighty, and practical. When we seek Him and the wisdom of His teachings, we find that Jesus speaks clearly and consistently to our deepest needs.
2014-03-16_On the Way Mk 10_1-52 Handout

03/09/2014 – John Thomas – Mere Discipleship

As disciples of Jesus, we must be taught by Him. Knowing Jesus as Savior is merely the beginning of the lifelong process of learning the depths of His love, the beauty of His glory, and the urgency of His mission. Mere Discipleship Mk 9_30-50 Handout

03/02/2014 – John Thomas – You are the Christ!

Our response to Jesus indicates our understanding of who He is
and our commitment to what He says.

You are the Christ Mk 8_10-9_29 Handout

02/23/2014 – John Thomas – Servant & Savior: Compassionate Jesus

Jesus’ compassion on the least and the lost is precious to those who see themselves among the needy. For those who pride themselves in their self-sufficiency, the compassion of Jesus is a point of contention and a stumbling block to their understanding and trusting Jesus. Our daily struggle with sin and self-sufficiency is a battle that is won through surrendering daily to the compassionate Christ who has already won the victory and provided all we need in Him. 2014-02-23_Compassionate Jesus Mk 7_24-8_9 Handout

02/16/2014 – John Thomas – Jesus, The Radical

Our commitment to follow Jesus is a commitment to follow a radical. Jesus operated in the supernatural. His words and works defied religious tradition, the laws of nature, and human reason. As we follow Him, our words and works will be discounted and disregarded by some but God will use them to bring some to repentance and faith—to follow Jesus. Jesus the Radical Mark 6_6-7_23 Handout

02/09/2014-JThomas-Who then is this?

There is nothing more important than our understanding of God.
Our understanding of who God is and how He has acted in our
world determines the basis for how we are to respond to His call to
follow Him. Following Jesus requires faith…even when we don’t
have all the reasons, facts, and warm fuzzy feelings.

2014-02-09_Who then is this_ Mk 4_35-6_6a Handout