01/14/2018 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Why Does the Church Exist? To Edify the Saints-Pt1

In his second sermon in the series titled, The Body, Pastor Jeff looks at the importance of the local church where members are to encourage and build each other up, and thus, edify the body as Paul describes in Ephesians 4:29. This week Pastor Jeff encourages us to memorize Ephesians 4:1-3.
2018-01-14 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2018-01-14)

08/14/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Overcoming Sinful Anger-Pt 2

Pastor Jeff continues his discussion about overcoming sinful anger as part of the sermon series, “Remote Control or Self Control – What’s Pushing Your Buttons?” In today’s sermon, Pastor Jeff talks about asking ourselves questions when we are tempted to become angry. The answers to these questions will help us understand what pushes our buttons, confess it to God, and gain control over our sinful anger.
2016-08-14 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-08-14

05/24/2015 – Darrel Neuenschwander – Created for Good Work

“We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do,” – Ephesians 2:10. We can believe it!

12/28/2014 – Jeff Johnson – Change

Besides death and taxes, there is one more thing that is inevitable: change.

11/24/2013 – Pastor John Thomas – Spiritual Warfare

Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus concludes with a trumpet blast summoning the army of God’s people to contend for the gospel in spiritual combat against the Adversary. God has not left us alone. … He has equipped and empowered us by the Spirit to make disciples. 2013-11-24_Spiritual Warfare Eph 6_10-24 Handout

11/17/2013 – John Thomas – Spirit-Led Relationships

Yielding to the work of the Holy Spirit is the key to healthy relationships that bear gospel fruit. 2013-11-17_Spirit Filled Relationships Eph 5_18-6_9 Handout

11/10/2013 – John Thomas – Imitate God

Ephesians 5:1-17. The great goal of a Christian’s life is to glorify God, by reflecting the character of God. 2013-11-10_Imitate God Eph 5_1-17 Handout

11/03/2013 – John Thomas – New Life


God’s people are to live—really live—in light of the new life we have received by faith in Jesus.

New Life Eph 4_17-32 Handout

10/27/2013 – Bill Yielding – The Point of Our Calling

There is a point to the Christian life … it is to glorify God by loving as He would if He walked in our shoes each day. We desperately need to move past an immature understanding of personal gain in Christ toward why he has really saved us: to live it out in love extending grace to the world. 2013-10-27_The Point of Our Calling Eph 4_1-16 Handout

10/20/2013 – John Thomas – Praying for Spiritual Power

The church will remain anemic if she does not receive a vital injection of spiritual power. The good ole days will be all we have if we do not take steps to see the glory of God exalted and the Son of God proclaimed. The beginning and end of spiritual power is prayer. Praying for Spiritual Power Eph 3_14-20 Handout