12/18/2016 – Kevin White – Get In The Game

Kevin White, Executive Director of the Nevada Baptist Convention, gave very clear and entertaining talk about what mission-oriented churches look like based on the Book of Acts.

04/26/2015 – John Thomas – The Foundation of Community: A Gospel-Shaped Community

We are created for community, redeemed for community, and transformed in community. This is accomplished solely through the person and work of Jesus: the gospel. Being in community exposes our sins and pushes us to believe the gospel more deeply. Thus, it is in and through the gospel alone that deeper community is empowered and enabled.

2015-04-26_A Gospel Shaped Community Handout

11/09/2014 – Pastor John Thomas – Blueprint: The Body Cares & Serves

The Big Idea: God places within his people a need and desire for relationship and belonging that can only be met by the community of faith, the church. Caring for one another through sacrificial service blesses the church and overflows into blessings for the community and the nations.

2014-11-09_Blueprint_ The body cares Acts 2_42-47 Handout

08/17/2014 – John Thomas – The Gospel On Trial

The sufficiency of God’s word, its authority, and authenticity has been questioned, doubted, and forsaken since the beginning…from the Garden of Eden to today. We are often more influenced by the creation than the Creator. God is enough! His word is sufficient. The Gospel of Christ will bring us presently and in the end, finally and fully, into the fullness of God’s presence as we persevere in faith.

The Gospel on Trial 24_1-26_32 Handout

2014/08/10 – Phil Walker – Politics & Religion

Acts 21:18-Acts 23:35 God is at work! Christ has fulfilled the law! Grace abounds! Jesus call us into difficult service which may be God’s way of honoring His servant’s strength of character. “For by Grace you have been saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not as a result of works lest any man should boast.” Eph 2.8-9 2014-08-10_Acts21-23_Politics&Religion

08/03/2014 – Bill Yielding – Saying Good-bye – Acts 20-21

God is always at work in our lives. He has a plan for each one of us. As we continue on our journey in service to Him, being disciples, making disciples, making disciples, we must not waver or allow ourselves to be distracted. We must keep our eyes on the mission and through guidance of the Holy Spirit continue until the end. 2014-08-03 Acts 20-21_SayingGoodbye

07/27/2014 – Elder Darrel Neuenschwander – Good News Strategy

God calls us to Himself for salvation. As Christians, we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.
And often there are huge obstacles. Nevertheless, God will save people. Question: Is it possible for a person who is saved to not tell others?

2014-07-27_Missio Dei Acts 18-19 Good News Strategy

07/13/2014 – John Thomas – Following the Spirit

God is at work! He is actively pursuing us and guiding us as we serve His mission. He is equally at work in the world around us. These truths provide the fuel for our confidence in sharing the Gospel and making disciples among our neighbors and the nations.

Following the Spirit Acts 16_6-17_15 Handout

06/29/2014 – John Thomas – Spreading the Word

God is at work! He is on mission and has a church to be His missionaries. We are tasked with the incredible privilege to be His missionary ambassadors of reconciliation. Being a disciple whom makes disciples who make disciples is our sole purpose and the means by which we find ultimate purpose and meaning in this life.

Spreading the Word Acts 12_25-14_28 Handout

06/22/2014 – Pastor John Thomas – Missio Dei – Growing

Acts 11:19-Acts 12:24. God is at work! Where He guides He provides. We can trust the provision of His presence and power when doing His will … no matter what! The church can confidently and courageously move forward in progressing the advance of the Gospel knowing He is with us and for us! 2014-06-22_Growing Pains Acts 11_19-12_24 Handout