12/27/2015 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Starting Off Right: Getting It Right

You have choice to become a victim of sin or a victor over it in Christ Jesus.


07/26/2015 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – God is at Work in our Church

Pastor Jeff briefly discusses the recent changes in our church. 1 Peter 5:1-11 addresses being part of the a local church body, the role of elders, how God uses individual members in the local body, and God’s provision for us in all things.

07/19/2015 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – God is at work in our service

Scripture References: 1 Peter 4:1-5, 1 Peter 4:6-7, 1 Peter 8-11 Matthew 10:42, Matthew 25: 31-46,
John 13:1-17. Before becoming a Christian, we had a purpose which was to follow our own appetites or lusts. With Christ, we have a new purpose, to pursue the will of God. Biblical love for one another is not about us, but rather, the person next to us.


07/12/2015 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – God is at Work in our Suffering

1 Peter 3:8-22 and 4:12-19. God is at work in our suffering. Suffering is not fun, but there is a purpose in suffering. This epistle was written to people who were suffering a great deal.

07/05/2015 – Elder Darrel Neuenschwander – God is at work in the home

1 Peter 3:1-7. Holy wives, holy husbands. Elder Darrel discusses spiritual marriage – what does the Bible say that marriage should look like? He discusses marriage in light of recent court rulings and how marriage should look for Christians with unsaved spouses.

06/21/2015 – Pastor John Thomas – God is at work in the future!

VIDEO: http://www.desiringgod.org/run

Big idea: God has chosen a people for Himself: His Church. His plan will not be thwarted, His mission will be completed, and His church will not be defeated! In Christ, He will work mightily in and through His people … both now and in the future. 1 Peter 2:1-12

Thank you, Pastor John, for all you have done for Grass Valley Baptist Church.
God bless you and your family in Tallahassee.
— Your church family in Winnemucca

(Audio starts in 13 seconds.)

06/14/2015 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – God is at work in the present!

Peter addressed this letter to people undergoing distinct and serious persecution. His message to them was to love one another and obey Jesus Christ. Obedience to Jesus provides the greatest freedom we can know. 1Peter 1:13-25

06/07/2015 – Pastor John Thomas – God is at work in the past!

God is at work! He has been at work in the past… (1 Peter 1:1-12)
Big Idea: God is at work! He is always at work. He has always been at work. He always will be at work. God’s work brings glory to himself and is ultimately for our greatest good. As we more fully understand the extent of his work, we begin to see the immenseness of his beauty and glory, which fuels our faith, worship, ministry, and witness.

2015-06-07_God has been at work in the past 1_1-12 Handout

2012/12/22 – John Thomas – Advent: Love has Come

True love is found by knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The measure of love we now experience in Jesus will be experienced in its fullness when we see him face to face. 2013-12-22_Love has comeLove is yet to Come Handout (2)