11/19/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Can Stress Lead to Giving Thanks?

Can we give thanks for the stress in our lives? Should we? Pastor Jeff talks about how God uses the stress that enters our lives to teach us more about Him, make us more mature in our faith, and to be more fruitful in our walk. (Our apologies for the technical difficulties cutting the sound in the last 8 minutes.) 2017-11-19 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-11-19)

08/13/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Turning Your “Don’ts” To “Do’s”

“In God’s word, ‘don’ts’ are for our protection and ‘do’s’ are for our blessing.” Pastor Jeff talks about how we can learn to trust God, “put on the Lord Jesus,” and be “filled with the Spirit.”

06/25/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Who Is This God? He Speaks

In Genesis 7:1, who is talking and who is listening? Do you pay attention when God is speaking to you or are you nonchalant? When God speaks, He speaks Life. In today’s message, Pastor Jeff gives some ideas about how we can listen to God better.
2017-06-25 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-06-25)

05/21/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Who Is this God – God Wants Your Heart

In Genesis 4:3-5a, God accepted Abel’s sacrifice of the first fruits of his labor but He rejected Cain’s offering. Why? They both gave the required amount but God saw a difference. 2017-05-21 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-05-21)

02/05/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Who Is This God? He Makes Plans with You in Mind

Thank Him for all His provision because He knows what we need before we ask.
2017-02-05 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-02-05)

01/22/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Who is this God? He Is A God With A Plan-Pt2

Pastor Jeff continues the discussion of Genesis Chapter 1.

10/02/2016 – Elder Bill Yielding – In God We Trust – Who are you listening to?

We are living in a crucial time in history. It feels very much like we are seeing the prophecies of the Bible being acted out in the world today. Where is the Church in all this? Has the Church been effective in changing our culture or is today’s culture changing the Church?

08/09/2015 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – What Do You Believe About the Bible – Life Changing

Romans 12:2, Psalm 19:7-9. God’s word is perfect and shows us how to find God’s will.
In order to have our lives changed by God’s word, we need to spend time in it.

07/12/2015 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – God is at Work in our Suffering

1 Peter 3:8-22 and 4:12-19. God is at work in our suffering. Suffering is not fun, but there is a purpose in suffering. This epistle was written to people who were suffering a great deal.

07/05/2015 – Elder Darrel Neuenschwander – God is at work in the home

1 Peter 3:1-7. Holy wives, holy husbands. Elder Darrel discusses spiritual marriage – what does the Bible say that marriage should look like? He discusses marriage in light of recent court rulings and how marriage should look for Christians with unsaved spouses.