06/05/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Examining Elders Part 1

The word “elder” in Scripture often refers to an elderly or older person. It also refers to a title given to some who are called to lead the church. We want to look into God’s Word to discern what God has to say about the responsibilities of an elder.


03/20/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – What Do You Believe About Baptism?

Matthew 28:19-20 (NASB) – 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”


11/15/2015 – Jeff Johnson – What Do You Believe About Your Salvation

You have been justified.


08/24/2014 Pastor John Thomas

God is at work! His mission will be accomplished. In the closing
chapter of the Book of Acts, God is mightily at work in the
world as He directs the lives of His people. We are Christ
followers and He is always leading us to join Him in taking the
gospel to the ends of the earth, not without trouble, but without
hindrance. His plan will not be thwarted.

2014-08-24_Folowing God’s Lead Acts 27_1-28_31 Handout

07/27/2014 – Elder Darrel Neuenschwander – Good News Strategy

God calls us to Himself for salvation. As Christians, we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.
And often there are huge obstacles. Nevertheless, God will save people. Question: Is it possible for a person who is saved to not tell others?

2014-07-27_Missio Dei Acts 18-19 Good News Strategy

07/20/2014 – Pastor Brad Borowski – City of Idols

God is at work. He purposefully brought Paul to Athens, and He has purposefully brought us to Winnemucca. He brought us here to save the world from enslavement to idolatry, both in others and in ourselves. When we see how God’s grace has saved us from our sin and idolatry, we can’t help but tell others. God saves people when we boldly and faithfully share the gospel with them.

06/08/2014 – Pastor John Thomas – The Conversion of Saul

God is at work! Jesus confronts us with our need for Him and
then commissions us to make Him known. He uses His people to
reach, bless, and restore those in whom He is at work. This is true
for all of us…no exception.

2014-06-08The Conversion of Saul Acts 9_1-31 Handout (3)

05-25-2014 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Stephen the Martyr

God’s people are assured of his blessings and the world’s
condemnation. Our only defense is the Gospel of Jesus…and it is
enough—more than enough— to see us through to the end.

2014-05-25_Stephen the Martyr Acts 6_8-7_60 Handout

05-11-2014 – Pastor John Thomas – The Outbreak of Persecution

As the Lord works in and through His people, the misguided
masses are always there to question and cajole them.
Persecution is a byproduct of sinful men laboring to control and
maintain power in order to avoid admitting their need for a
God and Savior. We should expect nothing less in our day. Our
only defense in the midst of persecution is the person and work
of Jesus—the gospel!

2014-05-11_The Outbreak of Persecution Acts 3_1-4_31 Handout (2)

4/27/2014 – Pastor John Thomas – Our Ascended Lord!

In a day when promises made are seldom kept, the people of
God can say with certainty that God has made promises that
have and will be kept…without fail! Jesus is the guarantee of the
promises of God. This brings us comfort, peace, and hope in the
midst of living out our part in the mission of God.

2014-04-27_Our Ascended Lord Acts 1 Handout