12/24/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Christmas

Please enjoy the service that was held the morning of Christmas Eve.

09/10/2017 – Guest speaker on Missions

Today we had special guests, P.R. Misra and his wife, Anju, from Advancing Native Missions. P.R. is the Executive Vice President, Strategic International Partnerships, Director, South Asia. Grass Valley Baptist Church has been a financial supporter of the Advancing Native Missions organization for several years. Today, P. R. gave us an overview along with a slideshow presentation of the work being done with people in several countries in southern Asia. Unfortunately, we were unable to make an audio recording of P.R.’s presentation. For more information, go to advancingnativemissions.com.

04/30/2017 – John Thomas – The Next Project

John Thomas, Grass Valley Baptist Church’s former pastor, stopped by to visit and gave an update of his next adventure – in Utah! Listen to Pastor John as he tells about the plans to reach northern Utah and check out the website at www.wasatchgospel.com

09/11/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Facing Fear

Dr. Stuart Scott says: “Anxiety and ungodly fear are like “kissing cousins.” While not exactly the same, they are closely related and generally accompany one another. “Anxiety usually involves worrying about what could possibly happen. Fear goes a step further and is more convinced that what is dreaded will really happen.” Godly concern is caring about important things for the right reason and involves trusting God. Ungodly concern goes beyond reasonable concern and involves worry about mere possibilities. Godly fear includes a fear of God and a reasonable fear of danger or difficulty, however if fear prevents us from doing the right thing, it is sin.

03/20/2016 – Sarah Palmer – Shupavu

Sarah talks about her upcoming mission trip to Uganda with Shupavu.

01/18/2015 – Small Group Video

This video was played during the service on January 18, 2015, in order to illustrate the fun and benefits with participating in small group Bible studies. Several new groups are now forming. For more information, contact Jeff Johnson. (This file is much larger than our usual sermon podcast so please be patient when opening or downloading it.)