04/23/2017 – Elder Darrel Neunschwander – Am I Saved?

At some point in time, we may ask ourselves, “Am I saved?” Elder Darrel discusses some of those questions as well as some of the answers we may have been given and then addresses the scriptural answers about how we can know that we are saved. Darrel uses (with permission) the tract entitled “Bridge To Life” published by NavPress. The tract can be found at http://www.navigators.org/Tools/Evangelism%20Resources/Tools/The%20Bridge%20to%20Life

04/16/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Reaping the Rewards of the Resurrection

Your relationship to Christ matters. If you do not have a relationship with the Lord Jesus, you will not experience the benefits of His resurrection.
2017-04-16 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-04-16) (003)

04/09/2017 – Elder Ken Detweiler – Who Is This God? Are We in Awe of Him? -Part 2

Elder Ken continues his observation of the amazing works of God that show us that we should be in awe of Him. God’s creation speaks and brings us into a state of awe, worship, and a relationship with the Creator of the universe.
2017-04-09 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-04-09)KD

04/02/2017 – Elder Ken Detweiler – Who is this God? Are We in Awe of Him?

God has revealed Himself to all mankind through His creation so men are without excuse. (Romans 1:20) God’s creation speaks.
2017-04-02 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-04-02) KD

03/26/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Who Is This God? He Does What He Says

Have you ever experienced a time when you knew what the Lord had to say but you doubted He would actually do what He said? Pastor Jeff talks about how Adam and Eve found out that the Lord meant what He said in Genesis 3. 2017-03-26 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-03-26)

03/19/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Who Is This God? He Protects Us with Submission

Submission is difficult; perhaps the most difficult. He places boundaries in our lives for our protection. If we would only learn and submit to His word, how much better would our lives be? Pastor Jeff discusses the first sin when Eve listened to the serpent in Genesis 2:25 – 3:6. (Start with your volume low.)
2017-03-19_BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-03-19)

03/12/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Who Is This God? He Slowly Reveals-Pt 2

Continuing the discussion of Genesis 2 from last week, Pastor Jeff talks about how sometimes God shows us our need before He fills it. He discusses God’s creation of man and woman and the roles He assigned to each of them.
2017-03-12 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-03-12)

03/05/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Who Is This God – He Slowly Reveals

How do you view work? Do you see it as a curse or as a service to the Lord? Maybe it is just a way to fund your fun. Work was the first job that God gave to Adam.
2017-03-05 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-03-05)

02/26/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Who Is This God? He is Intimate with His Creation

Continuing the discussion of creation, Pastor Jeff talks about Genesis 2 and how God formed man from the dust of the ground, our purpose in creation, and the meaning of a name.
2017-02-26 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-02-26)

02/19/2017 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Who Is This God? He Gives Us Rest

What is the Sabbath? Are we required to keep the Sabbath today? The Sabbath is about more than just a day of rest. It is also about a chance to take the time to remember what God has done for us, to be refreshed, and to worship Him. 2017-02-19 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS (2017-02-19)