08/21/2016 – Elder Ken Detweiler – Do Our Material Desires and Possessions Possess Us?

How do our attitudes about material things affect our relationship with God? Is it possible to have material blessings and a proper attitude toward them while maintaining a close relationship to Him?
2016-08-21 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-08-21 Ken

08/14/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Overcoming Sinful Anger-Pt 2

Pastor Jeff continues his discussion about overcoming sinful anger as part of the sermon series, “Remote Control or Self Control – What’s Pushing Your Buttons?” In today’s sermon, Pastor Jeff talks about asking ourselves questions when we are tempted to become angry. The answers to these questions will help us understand what pushes our buttons, confess it to God, and gain control over our sinful anger.
2016-08-14 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-08-14

08/07/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Fighting Fire-Overcoming Sinful Anger-Pt1

The pattern for habitual sin is that there is a trigger, a routine response, and a perceived reward. Ungodly anger can easily follow this pattern. Pastor Jeff’s discussion helps us identify our own triggers for sinful anger and some ways to overcome our pattern. The sermon handout provides questions that help us understand this topic in more detail. (NOTE: Keep your hand on your volume control to adjust for the video a little more than 2 minutes in.)
2016-08-07 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-08-07

07/31/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Taming the Tongue-Part 2

Today Pastor Jeff explores exactly what gossip, slander, and malice are, their impacts, and how to avoid them.
2016-07-31 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-07-31
2016-07-31 Verses for Sunday_July 31, 2016

07/24/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Taming the Tongue

James says the “tongue is a fire, the very world of iniquity …” It may be one of the smallest muscles in our bodies but it is one of the most powerful. Focus Scriptures are James Chapter 3 and Ephesians 4:25-32.

07/17/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Remote Control or Self Control? Removing Recurring Sins

In order to deal with recurring sins, we need to understand, believe, and apply a few things that are vital to success.
2016-07-17 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-07-17

07/10/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Life Change-Where to Start?

How do we change? How do we renew our minds and put on the new self? Where do we start? Prayer and fasting.
2016-07-10_BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-07-10

07/03/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Remote Control or Self Control? To Change or Not To Change

Change happens in community. Change occurs through relationships, not rules.


06/26/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Change is in the Air-Pt 2

Continuing the series, “Remote Control or Self Control – What’s Pushing Your Buttons,” Pastor Jeff talks about about how we are indeed changed creatures if we are in Christ. We are (present tense) no longer subject to sin.
2016-06-26_BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-06-26

06/19/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Remote Control or Self Control?: Change Is In The Air

We need each other for spiritual growth. We will not grow, left to our own devices. God instituted the church for us to learn from one another.