09/25/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Understanding Forgiveness

In order for us to understand how to forgive others, we need to first understand how God forgives us. Psalm 103:10-12

09/18/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Hope in the Midst of Affliction

Joseph and Paul are just two of several characters found in Scripture that experienced unfair treatment, hurt, and rejection. Others include Job, Hagar, Moses, David and, of course, Jesus. Yet God used these afflictions to demonstrate His power and His perfect plan.

09/11/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Facing Fear

Dr. Stuart Scott says: “Anxiety and ungodly fear are like “kissing cousins.” While not exactly the same, they are closely related and generally accompany one another. “Anxiety usually involves worrying about what could possibly happen. Fear goes a step further and is more convinced that what is dreaded will really happen.” Godly concern is caring about important things for the right reason and involves trusting God. Ungodly concern goes beyond reasonable concern and involves worry about mere possibilities. Godly fear includes a fear of God and a reasonable fear of danger or difficulty, however if fear prevents us from doing the right thing, it is sin.

09/04/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Motivation to Change

Are you changing? Do you believe you are experiencing the life change Scripture talks about? What motivates you to change?

08/21/2016 – Elder Ken Detweiler – Do Our Material Desires and Possessions Possess Us?

How do our attitudes about material things affect our relationship with God? Is it possible to have material blessings and a proper attitude toward them while maintaining a close relationship to Him?
2016-08-21 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-08-21 Ken

08/14/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Overcoming Sinful Anger-Pt 2

Pastor Jeff continues his discussion about overcoming sinful anger as part of the sermon series, “Remote Control or Self Control – What’s Pushing Your Buttons?” In today’s sermon, Pastor Jeff talks about asking ourselves questions when we are tempted to become angry. The answers to these questions will help us understand what pushes our buttons, confess it to God, and gain control over our sinful anger.
2016-08-14 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-08-14

08/07/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Fighting Fire-Overcoming Sinful Anger-Pt1

The pattern for habitual sin is that there is a trigger, a routine response, and a perceived reward. Ungodly anger can easily follow this pattern. Pastor Jeff’s discussion helps us identify our own triggers for sinful anger and some ways to overcome our pattern. The sermon handout provides questions that help us understand this topic in more detail. (NOTE: Keep your hand on your volume control to adjust for the video a little more than 2 minutes in.)
2016-08-07 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-08-07

07/31/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Taming the Tongue-Part 2

Today Pastor Jeff explores exactly what gossip, slander, and malice are, their impacts, and how to avoid them.
2016-07-31 BIBLE STUDY QUESTIONS FOR 2016-07-31
2016-07-31 Verses for Sunday_July 31, 2016

07/24/2016 – Pastor Jeff Johnson – Taming the Tongue

James says the “tongue is a fire, the very world of iniquity …” It may be one of the smallest muscles in our bodies but it is one of the most powerful. Focus Scriptures are James Chapter 3 and Ephesians 4:25-32.